The Evolution Angel: An Emergency Physician’s Lessons with Death and the Divine

Evolution Angel, Michael Abrams, MDReview courtesy Edgar Cayce Books. org:

I asked him, “Are you the angel of death? You must be to keep showing up at these times.” He paused and said, “Let’s just say you can think of me as an ‘evolution angel’.”

For years, emergency and trauma physician Michael Abrams saw his patients dying in every conceivable way. In time he began to wonder if there was anything he could do to help the souls of the dying make the harrowing transition into the next world. Extending himself to the dying in a silent communion akin to prayer, he made a life-changing discovery.

For anybody experiencing a sense of loss around death and dying, this book reconfigures our understanding around the process. From the learnings of one who has had much experience with death as an event, Dr. Abrams perspective offers comfort and hope.


Table of Contents

Introduction p. 1
Chapter One
First contact – The nature of angels – The myth of evil.
p. 11
Chapter Two
Aging and death – The Prime Directive and the rationale for transparency.
p. 25
Chapter Three
The angelic mindset – Constant Vigilance – Returning the energy.
p. 35
Chapter Four
Designing your life in advance – Why we aren’t all rich and famous – The problem with eternity – The problem with reincarnation – The parable of the Sower and the Tares.
p. 45
Chapter Five
Free will or Divine will: Who is in control? – How angels answer prayers – Great misfortunes: Inevitable or changeable? – Begging to live on Earth – Helping others with positive thoughtforms.
p. 63
Chapter Six
Sex, love and soul mates – The big picture – How angels find a soul mate – Why soul mates age and die.
p. 81
Chapter Seven
The anatomy of God – The true meaning of infinity – Enlightenment.
p. 95
Chapter Eight
Angels in training – The myth of angelic hierarchy – The wave-particle duality resolved – Te varieties of angels – How angels adjust the physical plane.
p. 111
Chapter Nine
The real Jesus – The mustard seed principle – The basis of Christ’s miracles: The Philosopher’s Stone revealed – The laughing Jesus – The many paths.
p. 123
Chapter Ten
The surprising truth about money – Overcoming money shame – Money as love – Consciously creating money.
p. 139
Chapter Eleven
How humanity lost the ability to converse with God – How anyone can hear the spirit and speak with angels – The most powerful meditation.

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