Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Hesselink prescribes low-dose Naltrexone in the management of Multiple Sclerosis, provided there are no contraindications such as the use of opiate-based pain killers. Consultations can be done through our office. Please have medical records documenting the details of your diagnosis.

Through the work of Bernard Bihari, MD there is a body of clinical evidence demonstrating the efficacy of LDN in halting the symptoms and effects of Multiple Sclerosis. MS is is an auto-immune disease where the body’s own immune system attacks the tissue (myelin) that lines nerves. This is what produces the tremors, numbness, fatigue, and spasms characteristic of the disease. It is surmised that LDN stimulates the body’s immune system to work properly, thus halting the progression of the disease and easing or eliminating further symptoms.

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