From left to right: Top – William Burton Ayre, MD (b. July 15, 1915, d. April 26, 1996) Bottom – Steven G. Ayre MD (b. January 19, 1945, d. July 10, 2013), Rebecca Ayre Stealey RN, Thomas L. Hesselink MD, Michael Robinson, ND, and Kristine Hanafi, MA


The Ayre Clinic for Contemporary Medicine was established in November 1999 in Burr Ridge, IL, a southern suburb of Chicago by Steven G. Ayre, MD. Dr. Ayre was deeply committed to providing compassionate, quality care to people with cancer and other chronic diseases. We strive to provide care in keeping with his commitment.


Early on in my medical career as a Family Physician, I noticed that much of the suffering of cancer patients appeared to be caused by the treatments for their disease. Intuitively, I felt we should be able to improve on this situation.

I made it my personal dedication in my practice of medicine to find ways to soften the impact of our cancer care on people with these diseases.

That motive led me to discover a medical therapy called Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) and another, more general approach to managing cancer called Comprehensive Cancer Care.

Steven G. Ayre, M.D (b. January 19, 1945, d. July 10, 2013)

Comprehensive Cancer Care consists of three parts:

  • Something to Treat the Cancer: For this, we use chemotherapy administered via the technique of Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT).
  • Nutritional Biochemistry: diet and supplemental nutrition for immune support
  • Mind-Body Medicine: A powerful, effective combination of research based healing therapies to help manage the life change and stress associated with illness. These therapies might include anything from prayer and affirmations to deep breathing and meditation.