Local Doctor Develops Treatments for Cancer

Brian Murphy. Tom Tom, newspaper of Antioch Community High School, Antioch, IL. May 24, 1996

On the cutting edge of medical science, local physician Steven Ayre of Primary Care Family Center in Antioch is making significant progress in his proposed cure for cancer and other diseases. Dr. Ayre has been practicing medicine in Antioch for the past ten years. In that time he has been researching and developing a treatment known as Insulin Potentiation Therapy. Insulin is not used as it is in diabetes patients, but rather to increase the effect of drugs used in the treatment of diseases such as cancer.

Dr. Ayre explained that any condition that can be controlled by drug therapy like hypertension, arthritis, digestive disturbances, and asthma can be affected by this treatment. He also explained that the therapy requires no new drugs.

It was in 1975 while conducting research on Mexico that Dr. Ayre first discovered the benefits of Insulin Potentation Therapy. He has been working closely with Dr. Donato Perez Garcia of Mexico to try to bring the positive results of this treatment to the United States.“I want to be as certain as I can that I’ve done everything in my power to demonstrate for my colleagues in the medical profession that I really do believe that this is safe and effective.”

For twenty-on years Dr. Ayre has been researching and making this treatment known. He has been published in the medical literature, and made numerous presentations, including M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston and an international conference held in Paris in 1991.

Ayre’s eventual goal is to set up clinics in the United States for this treatment. He believes in the saying, “Think globally and act locally.”

It is clear by the way Ayre treats his patients and their appreciation of him that he adds a spark to our community and to the medical profession.

“Speak softy and carry a big stick is not a bad philosophy,” stated Ayre. “The big stick that I like to wield is one which is composed of a depth of understanding, caring and a real professional kind of commitment and integrity. That’s all I have, and it’s a lot.”

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