Elisa Goodman’s Cancer Hacks: A Holistic Guide to Overcoming Your Fears and Healing Cancer.

“May you understand that everyone in your shoes has at one point felt alone, scared, and powerless. But you may learn that you are not alone; you can face your fears and regain your power. That is what these hacks are – ways to put you back in the driver’s seat.” Goodman’s guide opens in the introduction with this encouraging message to readers. Goodman explores her cancer journey as it relates to her personal diagnosis in her 30s to her husband’s diagnosis more than a decade later. Goodman addresses common cancer myths and follows with her 10 cancer hacks. The book closes with guides, lists, and a 7 day cleanse description. Those battling cancer themselves or those supporting someone with a cancer diagnosis will find her enlightened introspection and knowledge an encouraging voice in a sea of doubt.

” I said no to chemotherapy and freezing my eggs. I said no to long, intensive radiation and agreed to doing a shorter regimen of localized radiation. I started therapy, yoga, and meditating. I started eating alkaline foods and juicing like crazy.” Goodman took a more alternative route and gained incredible knowledge in the process. Her husband’s battle with cancer 12 years later was met with more traditional therapy, intensive chemotherapy and radiation. His battle ended a year and half later with his passing. Goodman, even after such tribulation, states, “The greatest lesson I have ever learned is that you have to have faith in yourself, faith in your life, and faith that everything does work out.”

Goodman took what she had learned during both her own cancer battle and that of her husband’s to create 10 cancer hacks and address cancer myths. “When confusion strikes, fear sets in, and fear can lead us to cling to information, just for the simple fact that it is information.” From this confusion evolves the many myths regarding cancer that many still believe today.

Myth #1 What you put in your body doesn’t cause cancer. Here Goodman addresses an appropriate diet plan that is all about eating clean the 80/20 way. She hits on the many chemicals in our food and the destruction that is sugar. Myth #2 Cancer is a death sentence. Goodman counters that the cancer diagnosis is not what it once was and is both preventable and survivable. Myth #3 cancer is contagious. Simply stated, stop fearing you can get cancer from someone. Myth #4 One mistake can cause cancer. “Instead of heckling yourself for smoking so many cigarettes, ask yourself what you can do in your whole life to make yourself healthier.” Myth #5 Stress doesn’t cause cancer. “Our current culture is stressed and it is causing cancer to host a party in our bodies.”

Her 10 cancer hacks as follows:

  1. The standard American diet – “During the past few decades, we have seen a huge shift in the quality and production of what we are ingesting.” Here Goodman again addresses more closely the proper diet and what one can eat, to eat clean. Essentially, our bodies and minds cannot operate effectively and efficiently on “crap.” She delves deep into the fundamental rules for eating clean.
  2. An imbalanced gut – “Taking care of your gut is the most important thing you can do for your body. Your gut health directly affects your digestive system as well as your internal and external systems.” She offers way to keep that gut healthy. Pay attention to your gut!
  3. Water – we need to focus on what is in our water and how it is negatively affecting our health. Again, Goodman provides this guidance on how to ingest what is best.
  4. Parasites – yes, it is a frightening thought but many people are completely unaware of those pesky little guys that may be lurking in your body. Goodman shares some simple tricks to eliminating the likelihood of getting a parasite, but also what can be done if you have one.
  5. Dirty mouth – “You need to care for your body and its needs and that means the whole body and its needs.” Maintain excellent oral hygiene and say no to silver fillings. Poor oral health can be directly linked to disease.
  6. Toxic buildup – it is important to be continually detoxing to limit chemicals that can make a home in your organs and tissues.”
  7. Denial and the suppression of emotions – “Positive health comes from optimal physical and emotional and mental health.” Emotions can be directly linked to cancer so practice mindfulness and self awareness.
  8. Disconnection from self – “Our world is full of constant distractions. In this chaos it is easy to lose focus. We are disconnected from ourselves, which tends to be the root cause of many problems.”
  9. Lack of solid sleep – get enough sleep at night, go to bed at 10 pm and take a nap too!
  10. Build your cancer fighting environment – from finding the right doctor to finding emotional support, Goodman encourages you to build that network of support.

Each hack is a chapter full of guidance, lists, encouragement, little caveats on what you can do to be the healthiest, cancer-free you. Listen to your intuition and recognize that although a cancer diagnosis is scary, it does not mean a death sentence. You are in control of your health and your treatment.

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